Escape the Underdark: Episode 5

©️ Allygator Artwork

In the morning, we decided to check out the city hall, to see if we could figure out how to get blueprints to the Blackwater estate in order to rescue the lady. While Adalene and Zepher were checking out the bathrooms (gross), and Grok and Raazmi were chatting up a rather boring civil servant, I walked upstairs to scope it out.

I saw a board with the same jobs and wanted posters I had seen before. I decided to ask a passing guard about Giovanni. He didn’t give me any new information, and I basically told him I knew all that already, and suddenly he decided he needed to take me into a private room.

You know who walked in? Sharzar Blackwater! He seemed rather nice (and handsome!), so I chatted him up thinking maybe he would eventually see reason and release his prisoner. But he didn’t like me nearly as much as I liked him, and he had a guard escort me to his estate and into a locked bedroom. The beds were delightfully soft, but I didn’t like being locked in.

On the way to this room, I met a lovely, and very sexy, woman with 5 dragon heads named Mother Ish. She suggested she could do me a favor if I converted to the cult of Tiamat. I think I’ll convert. I mean, what can I lose now? She told me to meet her in the East wing, but I’m locked in this room.

She also told me that Bouncy Inferno used to be owned by the Blackwaters. Bouncy seems pretty worried right now. We couldn’t find any vents for him to escape, but there are some loose bricks in the ceiling. I will try breaking out through there.

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